Summer Camps

In the summer of 2021, Silver Knights is offering exciting online chess camps every week. For information on those, please click here.

We're also offering in-person camps throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland. To find location information, click on the links in the table below. You can read descriptions of the chess, Scratch coding, and LEGO robotics camps below. There are multiple themes for both coding and robotics.

Chess Camps

Silver Knights chess camps are made for everyone! We've taught more than 100,000 kids of all skill levels, from beginners learning the rules up to state and national champions.

Campers are broken up in groups by skill level for lessons that range from the basic rules to master games, openings, endgames, and tactics. Students will build upon their skills by playing practice games against other students. Games may be played via tablet or computer for safety reasons this summer. At the end of the week, each camper will receive a t-shirt and their very own chess set!

Students will take breaks for fresh air throughout the day. All equipment is provided.


LEGO Robotics Camps

In all Silver Knights robotics camps, students will be a series of robots throughout the week, with plenty of room for exploration and creativity. There are breaks for exercise and fresh air throughout the week, and all campers get a t-shirt at the end of the week. To see sample projects you can check out our Facebook. Theme descriptions are below.

Building together

Bot vs. Bot: Take the WeDo 2.0 LEGO robot challenge with Silver Knights in this fun camp. You’ll build and program Sumo wrestling bots, bots that play ball, and bots that compete in a demolition derby!

Wild Safari: Explore the animal kingdom in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics Camp where you will build and code swinging monkeys, fierce Silverback gorillas, cute Koalas and more robots that climb, move, bite and roll!

Extreme Machines: Explore the world of mega-machines in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp. Build and program robots that get the job done! Build over-the-top vehicles and real-world engineering marvels in this fun camp!

Look at it go!


Scratch Coding Camps 

With Scratch, children learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Scratch is designed and maintained by the MIT Media Lab. Our curriculum teaches new coders the basics, while challenging experienced coders to create increasingly complex programs. Students will work independently on laptops provided by Silver Knights. At the end of the week, each child receives a t-shirt and a USB with the programs they’ve made. Keep reading to learn about the weekly themes!

Intense focus may be required

Game Design - Arcade Action: Program your own take on classic arcade games like Pong, Tanks, and Snake. Game on!

Game Design - Mazes and Monsters: Program your own maze games, platformers, and side scrolling games. Level up! 

Digital Animation - Art and Adventure: Code your own adventure stories, quiz games, and visual art. What’s your story?

Coding is exciting!