7/26 - 7/30  Learn from the Greats - Paul Morphy!

7/26 - 7/30 Learn from the Greats - Paul Morphy!

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9:30am-12:00pm EST, 12:30pm - 3:00pm
7/26/2021 - 7/30/2021
All Skill levels, from brand new beginners to strong tournament players are welcome!

Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy was the best player in the world, and the first American to earn that title.  After conquering the (chess) world, he retired from chess and became a lawyer.  In this camp we’ll learn from Paul Morphy’s games, including the one in the picture, which is indisputably the most famous game of chess ever played... the Opera Game!

For beginners, his games are a perfect introduction to opening principles and tactics.

For advanced players, he played some very advanced tactics, and so calculation will be an ongoing theme.  In the game in the picture, Morphy played a great(!) checkmate in two - can you find it?

More questions?  Please take a look at our Online Camp FAQ.